24 August 2008

spin and spin and spin

"i've been wanting to tell you, you have the most beautiful smile. i hope you are blessed, and continue to be"

that's a direct quote. that's a call to disarm. that a call to open arms. that a call to look up and to be seen. thats, i don't know.

i woke up this morning in some sweet daze. paul was getting ready for his tennis match and looked so handsome. i wanted him to get back in bed and rub my back for the next 3 hours. he is so in tune---he lays down and before i can even say "scratch me" (which is all i say anymore), he was whispering: "i'm off to play the tennis but you stay here. sleep. rest. don't be productive. relax. set your mind on relaxing."

i was focusing my mind on relaxing-not filling my schedule. it is my one day for me. i have to take it, or i give it away. of course there are me things i must do, laundry, etsy, call my mom, plan for the week ahead---but really i need to focus in on resting, relaxing, reconnecting. i fall into the whirl of life, and i spin and spin and spin, but soon i topple over with exhaustion and defeat. and by soon i mean within days, and i am swept up with love, again, but oh! it is imperative to take a day to rest. rest your body and your mind and your soul. recharge the smile, the genuine smile, you've been wearing all week. tie back your hair and take so many deep breaths. crack your toes and simplify your soul. continue to be blessed.

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