23 September 2008

faLL faLL fAll

and the light at the end of the tunnel in this city has officially burnt out.

the next big opportunity flushed, and me, wondering, really? what am i missing here? do you ever stop and think: does everyone else see something i don't see?

part of me wants to throw it all to the wind, "haVe it ALL," i would yell as i released handfuls of responsibility, upkeep, frustration, letdown. but another part of me a sailboat, ready and waiting for the wind. patient, but prepared. i have a suitcase. i have a mode of transportation. i have a dream. now what?

what is whispering?
what is trying to speak?

my prayer: trigger my heart, life, i am ready.

i'm going to start tracking ideas that i have. it would be fun to look back in a year or two when i finally get it in gear and make a step----that's part of what makes blogging such a blast. such exposure. such heartfelt release. such response.

ideas of the week:
1. office of international affairs positions in OTHER cities.
2. paul going to UC Davis to get a degree in viticulture. moving this spring, saving a bunch of money and working a bunch, TOGETHER, having a space, TOGETHER, living and traveling the east coast.
3. moving to alexandria/dc area in the *near future* to be near family and friends and to pursue careers...

just in the midst of me typing this today paul found a wine position in alexandria and i found a job at paper source in georgetown.
um is that the wind i hear?
posting a card tonight that fits this subject perfectly: change is in the air.

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