14 September 2008

heavy winds and a breeze in the heart

sitting in a foreign house, with foreign pets and the unknown moans and groans of another's house, paul & i awoke this morning to a sunny bright day. fresh and ready for our leisure. then the winds started picking up, tree branches scattered across perfectly pruned lawns, sun-brellas flopping and shaking. at first, very delightful winds. calling out the whispers in my heart. these breezes were, at first, refreshing.

fast forward 3 hours.

heavy winds wallowing outside, echoing noises i've never heard. groaning & it's noise started to make me shudder with fear. it was almost as if the earth itself was roaring at our city. echoing its frustrations and telling of its anger. blowing with ferocity and sweeping and swirling around me, i was honestly somewhat afraid. takes a bit much for me to admit to something like this.

then a tree branch, an oak i think,crashed down right in the front lawn, just barely grazing the house. so treacherous & unexpected. so not as bad as it could've been. and i was on the phone, in my heart gripping shudder and raced around. the noise alone sent me running. it was absolutely frightening, and all along i was so so safe.

i am thankful for these moments, mostly because they are the ones that really mind me: i'm alive. and i find myself doing what matters--not grabbing for possessions, but running for safety. grabbing for the ones i love and holding them tight.

of course, you must know, as i sprinted out into the back yard, i thought to myself: my journal! i had just worked a masterpiece that morning and i was sad to part ways with it. but it would've been worth it. *it would have majorly been worth it.*

everything is okay here now. dying to have a camera but i don't so my words will have to suffice.
planning to wear long shorts to work tomorrow because that's all i have. hope that's OK HSPPO.
hope everyone else is okay, that their homes aren't damaged beyond repair, that this community will unite to reconstruct.
thankful for many blessings as i type this. thankful beyond thankful for safety. lifting up thoughts for all those feeling less than safe tonight. we must begin now to do the work of peace & justice. to brave the heavy winds with courage, to blow soft breezes between the hearts of humans. we must do all this together, hand in hand, brick by brick.


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