28 September 2008

making it all work. this is life.

i love: frozen mango chunks. waiting for paul to come home on sunday nights. spending the day napping. my dad calling to share his love for the 50th birthday celebration we had last night. the sister. all things alicia yost. old french dictionaries. the cowardly lion that sits on my desk. drika b bags on etsy . a new card idea. watercolor pages to work on: one for each day this week. annapolis with the pink house ladies in two weeks. finishing the evening with a meal with boopy. quiet. markers. hot apple cider tea. a mosaic on flikr.

1. Top Chef - Cupcake of the Week Final ! - "The Stephanie", 2. Soto Ayam (Spicy Chicken Soup), 3. Untitled, 4. Parasol, 5. i hope that's a joint!, 6. Fortune in a cup, 7. Tarde de Otoño en Bicicleta, 8. szechwan peppercorn creme brulee, 9. FLy°aWaY°My°LOvE, 10. breathless, 11. You don't have to look far..., 12. the office

So, here's the deal... made a mosaic after answering the following 12 questions about me:

1. first name? (stephanie)

2. favorite food? (recently: soup)

3. high school? (fauquier high school)

4. favorite color? (turquoise)

5. celebrity crush? (ryan gosling)

6. Favorite drink? (coffee)

7. Dream vacation? (argentina)

8. Favorite dessert? (créme brulée)

9. be when you grow up? (heart piercing cards, owner)

10. love most in life? (love)

11. One word to describe you? (spirited)

12. Your Flickr name? (heart piercing)

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