02 September 2008

a message to myself

_please see the note below_written today, one week before my birthday_placed on my calendar @ work_a week from today, will my life change?

dear twenty four year old stephanie, its your birthday! can you believe that its been twenty four years that you've been alive? you've spent every single one of them loving yourself just short of fully. perhaps you should reconsider. perhaps you should make sure to love on yourself a bit extra and be a bit sweeter to your self and your future. your twenty fourth year can be exactly the same as the rest: long, hard, heavy, too big, or it can be different than them all. you decide, remember? take a stride in a new direction. be a bit more alive in all that you do. give unlikely happenings a likely chance. live alOve. say to yourself, today and everyday: there's nothing wrong with you, now when will you start living that way?!?! love love love your twenty three year old stephanie self

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