29 October 2008

and i still get kisses

it's been a bit gray, a bit sinking, wavering, slow in my world these past few days. i am a pendulum swinging between enthusiasm and boredom. between goodness and frustration. between highs and lows. between love and discontent. between.
something about between has always bothered me. it's never quite given me the drive to advance, or the signal to quit. growing up, when running for sports, i made this incredibly accurate observation: i've always been the back of the fast group and the front of the slow. sO in BeTween, i am, i always have been. i float. i flail. i fall apart. i am still between.
but eventually i realize i'm still up to something. i still drink my coffee every morning and take the 19 downtown to UofL. i still make cards and doodle and my mind still rolls along it's merry tracks. i still send off birthday packages and call my mom and send photos when i have a chance. thank goodness, i still get kisses, even when i'm crabby, even when i throw myself MAJOR pity parties. i still CREATE, i can't help but create, even when i have no internet access and no etsy updates and no convos or sales to account for.
what have you been working on?
i have been sending off personalized cards these past few weeks while the internet has been down and the inspiration (feedback) has been low. here are a few peaks at the pieces i've made/sent:
[for auntie barb, to whom boopy sent a cd]

[for lm & ml; friend's of paul's who just got engaged. we are so thrilled for them]

[for aunt sandy, who send boopy some clothes they'd bought after a weekend in st louis---where BARACK OBAMA was talking 150,000 people.]

AND most of my free time has been weighted in the direction of this HANDSOME CHAP:

biking and visiting and playing and yardworking and cooking and parent-hanging-out-with-ing and loving thru and thru!
{what about you? what have you been up to these days?}
what's inspiring you? what's sapping you of your energy? what's your momentum going into the darker, winter days? what's your praise? what's your prayer?
"earth's stuffed with heaven." e. barrett browning)
my love to you and this day AND what possibility it holds in this season of your life.
P.S. we carved pumpkins tonight after a FABULOUS meal paul made: hainanese chicken. it was AMAZING. here is the barack o'lantern report from the 603

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Anonymous said...

you & paul are my heroes.
love you, ewat