07 October 2008

"light is always in season" beirut

i am making a point to celebrate the spontaneous & lovely life that surrounds me throughout the day: it takes MANY forms and i'm taking note to capture it!

some examples include:
- the pug roll i ate this morning for breakfast. thank you blue dog bakery. thank you paul for inspiring this moment. i love early mornings and every morning with you.

- the incredible gift i received from my grandma carlton, packaged in gold (she knows me so well) with this note:

- the woman in a wheel chair with an OBAMA sign secured between the handles, and the smile that spread across a black man's face as he caught sight of her. he raised his fist, and smiled at her, rooting: "Go-Obama"

- a letter from kate marks. goodness, she is so cool. she lives in paris & she even has cool postage stamps.

- now that i am officially an employee of UofL and i will now campaign to make this the official logo. i love history and women and the beauty this captures.

- recently i've been making some new cards---i swear----and some journals thanks to victoria wall. here's a peak.

and what is inspiring you? what did you see/hear/encounter today that you'll never forget.

remembering *you with great love.

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