31 October 2008

lists of loves

a few lists of loves.

movies that make me love my hair:
1. The Dutchess
2. Marie Antoinette
3. Pride & Prejudice
4. Elizabeth
5. The Other Boleyn Girl
(notice a theme?? also note here that Paul has watched all these films with me and LOVED them. he is a trooper of a man)

places/experiences that i dream of:
1. South America
2. Hot Air Balloon as a hobbie
3. Living on the west coast
4. A community of crafters
5. 18th century existence (i really wish i was born royalty in 1784)

totally coveting right now:
1. ladies who are out dressed like marie antoinette for halloween.
2. people whose craft is their life/income/job/central joy.
3. some new adhesives (sick, i know)
4. the idea of vacation
5. the fall weather, i want it to stay for weeks!

1. heart piercing cards business growth
2. a fuller, clearer vision for these next months
3. healthy body, mind, spirit as i ease into winter
4. the ability to receive during the final months of 2008
5. to bring dreams into action.

just dreaming away over here. of satin bows and gowns and crafts and castles and journeys to other times and place. wearing cotton and yoga pants and making away at my desk. hoping to hold onto inspiration. hoping to life from that place. hoping...


S & P said...

minor correction...i did not like The Other Boleyn Girl...not that that does much to save any manliness i once had. just kidding, thanks for all the sweet words honey!

Erin said...

so is that hot air balloon card/journal/whatever for sale? I want it!!