19 October 2008

wake up and go

so much wonder to celebrate this week---esp collected wonder from these past few weeks. oh my goodness. long weekend, i love you. you were so nice. i am wanting to dive into my days this week FULL of energy and thankfulness. how do i continue to live from that place???

inspiration seems to be EVERYWHERE for me these days. i have been obsessed with skeletons...i find awesome images everywhere and i'm using them all the time. not inspired by halloween, though that sounds like a cop-out.

seeing the friends was balancing and refreshing. annapolis was stunning. i loved the faces of these women. i treasure you in deep and meaningful ways. p.s. contact me if you're looking to use photographs by victoria wall.

here are some of ash's shots of the weekend:

i have been making so many cards and journals and notes to be sent off throughout the week. feeling really blessed by inspiration and companionship; by the ebb and the flow. avoiding the PILE of clothes that need to be put away in an effort to call forth just a bit of effort for my blog, which i've shamefully (but not intentionally) avoided recently because i don't have time. *lame excuse, i know* this is one of my fave journals in the bunch!

paul and i made DELICIOUS pumpkin pancakes this morning. thank you treat yourself and your lover(s) right, make these this weekend!!!

also made a big pot of chili for the week ahead. the air is brisk and we're moving into hibernation mode. i am insanely excited about another winter with paul. he is a man of all seasons, but he is a dream in the winter. love this man, just love him!

also, onto the political campaign. two folks i seriously admire stood up for obama today. tOOK a staNd. one: Colin Powell, phenominal. the other (and equally as admirable): louise doire, mdiv. love her. a snippet of what she wrote in her piece, "the road to obama"
"But then, the Presidential debates were held and I saw in Barack Obama an intelligent, genuine, classy guy. He is brilliantly articulate (a characteristic I long for in a President following eight years of numb-skullness). I sensed in him a commitment to ALL Americans; a concern for our concerns and a sincere desire to act upon the best motives for seeking public service, to serve the public. And I no longer wanted Obama as my President merely by default. I wanted Obama as my President, period. During the course of those Presidential debates there were two moments in particular in which Obama won, if not my heart, my political sensibilities and my resolve."

so these are the inspirations of my days. these are the things i wake up for and go to bed dreaming about. there are and will always be things i desire to change, work on, strive towards. but this life, the one that involves a beating heart and the ebb and flow, this life is the stuff dreams are made of. its full of old dictionaries, soft beards, shimmering hope, warmth, and big, big love.
off to start another dreamy week. xoxoxxxxx

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