02 October 2008

What Would You Say [Thursday]

alert! alert! contest! contest!

every week, on thursday, i'll be posting a contest up on my blog called: What Would You Say [Thursday]

This is how it works: I'll post an image that is part of a card in progress, you'll comment with a response that tells me what you would say---essentially you give me a PHRASE or some words to go with the image--- and then I chose a winner. You have 48 hours. Winners will be announced on Saturday Mornings.

The winner gets a HEART PIERCING CARDS package in the mail.
And if you've ever gotten postal mail from me, you know it will be good.

let the fun begin!

What Would You Say...


Abbey Lane Baby Boutique said...

Great idea - I look forward to seeing how this unfolds! Great card btw!

crystal said...

The key to life is to sit back and Reflect on the things that are locked inside oneself

crystal said...

You have Helped me find the happiness:)

crystal said...

One more...

Imagination is the Key that unlocks creativity

Thanks, that was fun:)

Anonymous said...

" you hold the key, all you have to do is use it!"

love this idea