09 October 2008

what would you say [thursday]

surely you didn't think i would forget about you just because i'm going on holiday...
it's what would you say [Thursday] and i am in some serious need of your help with this one!
below are the imaged for a card that's been in progress for SOME time now.
the front: (original watercolor)

the inside: (text will be posted in pink space) (happy birthday can be removed if you convince me!)

*if you don't remember the rules for What would you say [thursday], see last week's post!

OFF to annapolis, SO SO excited though i will be missing my love face.
he may have some little pieces of me to look forward to though: you just never know.

LOVE to all. Winner for this weeks contest will be announced ASAP.


kate said...

it's probably too late but i would say:

use all your senses...
to celebrate your life

Paul said...

to discover what you have been sensing.
so you can experience next year at it's most sensational
so next year is sensational!

happy birthday
I have no idea how i got to pauls blog accnt?

xoxo B

Anonymous said...

So you can have a SENSATIONAL birthday!

Happy Birthday