05 November 2008

a horizon of hope

the day came and we captured it from start to finish!!!

off to bellarmine to vote:

my man who supported THE MAN from the beginning

casting his vote (and mine via absentee! YES! virginia went BLUE)

close to midnight: the announcement we'd been waiting for! YES WE CAN!

and the celebration begins...

the people of kentucky didn't bleed blue like they said they would, but obama and all of his supporters worked hard to get to the heart of the issues that are essential to the american people. last night was a heartening reminder that this entire country is indebted to public servants who work among us to achieve a greater good. thank you for your faithfulness to the cause, your continuous showing up, and thank you barack obama, our new brave leader. we welcome you with great applause. yes. we. can.

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