08 November 2008

ancient journal notes & imagery that inspires

from 01. october. 2007
i am learning so much its incredible. mason taught me that i multi-task other people. gram 9-a taught me that i ought to be present, she said:
"you add just a little something special and fancy to life."
dreb wished i would stay: life is just so good with me there. meghan, stewy and elizabeth reminded me that it will be tough---tough to find a man who will rise up to the heights where i live, and who will challenge me there, calling me to rise. ash reminded me that i am my greatest coach, i know myself, my limits, my dreams--and only i can call myself to a greater existence. chris riley gave me a word of encouragement of course people desire me as a part of their plan, i am an asset! and i need to chose wisely what i give my attention to. mrs. kaye reminded me i have a home no matter where i am, and i have pure potential. virginia crutcher reminded me a way out of no way will be make for me. the paper source reminded me i have a gift: hiding, dormant, waiting to be called to life. m.a.c. reminded me beauty is skin deep, but you have to love your face! my mom reminds me to love others without ceasing---there is no limit to our ability to love and move onward at times, too. daddy dave hopes i am refreshed, filled with new energy for the tasks ahead. tanner loves me---yes!---he said so many times. gram 9-a shared a secret with me: hug & kiss people as often as you can. they love it and come more alive because of it. our bodies and souls are encouraged and touched by this small gesture. bell hooks sums it all up with this:
{as we leave behind the stuff of the past that is mere burden, the relationships that bind rather than set us free, as we experience a change of heart, we develop the inner strength necessary to journey on the path of love, to make our search for love be a grand life adventure and a profound spiritual quest}
and so with another end comes yet another beginning. a long awaited, much anticipated "oh i hope i've changed" spirit stirs from within...i've just witnessed and learned so very much, and i am ready to walk blindly, patiently, courageously forward.


xxxxoooo julie {photo by john nation}

don"t let these days pass you by. capture moments, let it floW.

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