09 November 2008

myself slandering myself

[our whispers tell our stories.]

the person you believe you are is often created through the stories you tell (& hear) about yourself. i haven't had the best weekend in regards to myself slandering myself. it hasn't been good: the stories are defeating, the swords are swift & sharp, the wounds aren't healing. no nurse has soothed my aches, no elixir has healed me from within.

what? to? do?

dream. sleep-in. make pancakes. read blogs. drink wine. play with markers. scroll through old journals. grab your old planner and play "one year ago today." job search. hide and seek. hike. rest. wear your hoodie. wash your hair. take photos. sing.

it may not heal you to your bones, but what it will do is inspire you to travel on. wake up, again. put your shoes on, again. greet the day, again. surely, you are not too much. not too heavy. not too weird or too wide or too without. you are only being asked to believe: in today, in grace, in what the world offers to you. peace, friends. peace and love and contentment and stories that lift your spirits. xoxooox

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