01 November 2008

take command, take care.

simple things that you, even YOU, can do to save our lovely earth:
1. ride your bike.

2. recycle those obnoxious wire hangers. (i asked today at my dry cleaner and the woman helping me said: "oh yeah, bring 'em aLL in here, girl")
3. leftover yarn? wrap a present. recycled giftwrap? makes a wonderful card.

4. too many pictures laying around? grab an old piece of cardboard, tack them up there with everything else you can find. leaves. magazine rip-outs. old receipts. ta-da! inspiration board.
5. call your friends. do what you said you were going to do with them. crafts. cooking. collages. good crys. community is the core of relationships. stop putting off acting on good intentions for later. act now! march. sing. clean up. in YOUR community.
6. take a load of books to a used bookstore. that beautiful top that you love but squeezes your armpits? goodwill bag. (then actually drop the goodwill bag off at goodwill.) pull out your old watercolors and paint inside one of those books. send the painting to a friend. take command of your days through action.
take care of the earth the same way, too. it's november first two thousand eight.
changing the calendar. changing my life. one day at a time.

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