22 November 2008

winter terrain (or love for all season)

to my dear friend hallie, i wrote: i have been busy in the process of healing and mending relationships in light of these past weeks.

it's no wonder to me that peace has to be such a priority in the front of our minds. we must choose peace, moment by moment; gather gratitudes wherever we go; live on our knees, thankful for the ground we are given to walk upon. this is the place i want to live. this is the terrain of my heart.

so this is my winter terrain, or, more accurately, this is love for all season. this is praise and prayer. this is growth and stillness. these are, my friend, days that we will remember, if we chose to do so. if we live and breath this very day, aches and pains and delights and all.

i've been totally missing my moments of the soul this past week-BUT i have been working with my art instructor/"teacher" marilyn and delving into crafts and creativity on my own. meeting miss carol for a bit of sewing and craft cocktails this afternoon. i've got some ideas in the works, too. (even ones that are only manifesting themselves in my mind!) my love to you where you are and my hope for you that you find time for yourself to create, create, create, and give some love to others and send out some inspiration to those who are in need. isn't that each one of us??

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