13 December 2008

i woke up dreaming about Mollydooker's wine that i find myself constantly coveting--even in my sleep. Velvet Glove Shiraz is a prize jewel among wines of the Aussie land. At least, that's what I say. This is what Mollydooker's website says: "This awesome Shiraz is superbly complete and complex, with stunning beauty and power. It wraps your entire palate in a velvet glove of amazing fruit flavours that seem to last forever." Yes, please.

So I woke up dreaming about Mollydooker wine's, mind you I'm on the straight and narrow path of trying to lose weight, and I went to sleep watching "Then She Found Me," which left me feeling very "I need a drink." What is it about love that can be so rough? What is is about me that is so rough? I want to walk and stride and run and skip and play in great love, love that overcomes, love that has the final word, love that reigns in my queendom. (Words derived from Jill Scott & MLK Jr.) Anyway, turmoil of the mind, and a spirit of peace.

i have been working a lot this week, on myself and on my direction in life. i have so many heart piercing cards works in progress, and i need to buckle down and get a few things done before tomorrow. lots of crafting and creating today--- i'll be back soon with more; more dreams. more stories. more creations. more love.

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