15 December 2008

in the changing you will ___________ (fill in the blank with your dream outcome!)

sitting in the middle of our clean bedroom floor, i'm really extremely thankful for the ground i have to walk upon, for the [very] strong legs that hold me up, for the roof that leans over my head, for walls and warmth and winter.

we are people on the move. our bodies are constantly in motion and our minds, without a doubt, scaling mountains and crossing oceans and braving the elements to learn just a little glimpse of what tomorrow holds. we are the stuff, though. we are the stuff dreams are made of; we are glitter and gold, or if you like, we are warmth and shining. we rise, out of ourselves, to greet the day and claim the land in which we have been planted. we toil and labor this plot. we rest and take hold of our many blessings. we live from a place of constant gratitude.

at least i do. at least i try to. late saturday night, walking up the driveway, complaining about something to my saintly beau, Paul stopped dead in his tracks and said to me: "you do know rome wasn't built in a day." oh. yeah. that took time. great things take time. hours and hours, spinning and ticking away, minutes. take your time. care for and work on and mindfully give what is at your fingertips your utmost attention. take an extra five minutes for your self or your art or that poem you're secretly working on. it might be your masterpiece. you might love yourself a little bit more. you just might...

or like most days, you might not. you might only try, but in the trying, you will grow, and in the growing you will change, and in the changing you will ___________ (fill in the blank with your dream outcome!).

stay focused on your blessings.
stay thankful for your your dream
stay close to your courage
build your own rome with great love.

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erin said...

holaaa...feeling kind of blah again tonight, so it was good to read this. I think it's partly the weather. it went from gorgeous and 75 degrees yesterday to shitty and freezing today. anyways, i'm imagining you sitting beside me and saying, "get OVER yourself" love you mucho