09 December 2008

sigh {deep breath, deep breath]

the magic of place cards. we catered a dinner party for a lovely lady named Anne and she is so tasteful and sets a BEAUTIFUL table that i asked if i could make place cards. i always do this for family dinners and fun events around the house, but this was a bit more of a heart piercing cards endeavor. well, the short story is that she loved them! they were BEAUTIFUL and matched her dining room perfectly. the backcolor of the cardstock (yankee blue) was the exact color of the walls---totally not planned! and the very best part is this: on each place card was a silver bee image, and (NO JOKE) Anne's place card holders were silver bee hives! magic! absolute magic

paul is the cutest cook ever. this is the best picture of him: patient and oh-so-happy; such a companion!!! he makes every occasion special, a Saturday night dinner party, a cold Tuesday night with a warm pot of soup, a long hike through the woods. i am: lucky, lucky, blessed, blessed.

Anne has these amazing silhouttes in her hallway. i am totally in love with them. please Santa? george and martha washington are up the street at the antique store and they are so on my wish list.

great packaging, no? my anniversary treat from pw. we layed low, ok, actually we went to jack fry's and had a fabulous time. this little treat has been laying around the desk, peaking through piles of paper and wine books, calling our names here and there. there is lots to say about this first year of love, but mostly this: it has been wonderful and will certainly continue skyward with that same root.
another day, another dollar my friends. or another day, another million moments to catch the spirit. or another day, another creation. more magic. more love. less toys more play. less talk, more action. definitely more questions, more curiousity, more courage. listen to the sounds of your day, the pace of your heartbeat as you move through it. connect.

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