31 July 2008

two things.

ok, two things:
1. ETSY: heartpiercingcards the first week of my future :)

2.What Highly Creative Women Know, Part 1 (By Renita J Weems)
my response: I'm just now reading this post---been such a busy week doing NON-creative things I haven't had time to indulge my mind, my spirit, my heart. I was almost afraid to read it; I didn't want Renita busting into my grind, throwing my mind of course. (I'm trying to run the race here, LOL, and if you start inspiring me, reminding me this ISN'T my calling, what will I do then?!?)

Let's be honest: My creative core is fused into everything I do. At work today, filing away hundreds and hundreds of research amendments, someone stopped me and said: "Hey, will you write "FILE" on this folder for me?" I had to stand there and smile. I can't hide it; apparently even my handwriting is brimming with creativity.

I desire, in my secret dreams and my soul, to live a life filled with creativity, but I live a life that doesn't respect that piece of myself. I put every single thing before creativity because I can't creatively channel it to make ends meet.

Finally, I had a bit of a revelation recently: Respect who you were made to me. Stop telling her to be quiet, love her and nurture her and quit saying nasty things to her. She is bold and courageous, too. Listen well to that voice, to the One who commands you to do what you must to live a life that you love. You owe your Self that much, you owe the Royal one who created you that much, and you owe other more than that fraction of who you are giving them currently.

So recently I've been camping out with my creative self, pitching tents and sitting by soul fires listening to her. She is wise, wise, wise. The moon comes out, greets us, we dream and share our deep selves. Sleeping well, the sun rises, I awake, and she is gone.

Daylight. The cover for my spirit of creativity. I catch myself THRILLED at the offer to scribe "FILE" on a folder. But hey, that's something, isn't it? I agree, Renita, what you said and how you say take the time to listen, because the Spirit is speaking wisdom to me, and Wisdom is changing my heart. slowly. slowly slowly.

(and I know this is getting long...) encouraging leader

22 July 2008


faces & memories such as these are why we travel together. we grow and change and believe in the magic of one another. we bless one another. we celebrate our strengths and our weaknesses. we walk hand in hand, clothed in our passions and our purposes, gripping our magic wands, and hoping for the very best. t h a n k y o u l i f e.

19 July 2008

kiss me, kate

kate marks will surely be sending me bisous when she gets THIS postal glory. love you kate! (and love the postal worker who gave me LOADS of "par avion" stickers) any chance you want to trade palmiers for letters? i'd say that's a pretty lovely barter.

steven's & steven's, FOREVER

this week's business appreciate letter is being sent to:'S & STEVEN'S DELI

this absolutely amazing deli is run by Mark & Susan.
they pour their hearts into this place, and as soon as you can find a parking space, you get the treat of a consistently amazing lunch. (and a fun newsletter to read if you're there solo)

paul is working so it's being sent by me this week---
but in his honor, i will say he met me there for lunch this week and the choice was a mutual. also, he sent haggen daz an online appreciation letter without me (which also means he may be getting loads of ice cream without me).

below is the note (both sides)& envelope.

p.s. mark stevens is my mom's best friend's brother. no seriously, how weird is THAT?

a celebration!

-the way people in the Lou celebrate one another

-a "postcard" style

-my attempt at a birthday card. (it's actually my secret lusting for a 24th birthday party that involves a piñata & the gordita trailer)

This weekend I celebrate two amazing women: the lovely miss hallie carolyn & the magnificent alexandra wei-ming.
the pores of these women seep with beauty in the realest of forms.
should we be living the same city, i would pull up in front of their houses on my schwinn and serenade them from their thrones, down to the street. then, i would give them a headdress of sorts, adorned in feathers and gems, and i would ask only this one joy: to be in their presence for the day. to celebrate with them their truly wonderful lives.

my love, my energy, my spirit will partake in this all day.
my body, though, will be far from it.

i do hope my day involves a blue schwinn, some art, and a celebration.
thank you for this day, these women, materials for making, and the JOY of all creation.

11 July 2008

days 5, 6, 7, etc

day 5: beaUtiful colors (& your inspiration) look outstanding on my favorite brown paper. have a peAkcock.

day 6: made for the green of creation & the blossoming of your soul.

day 7: here's an idea, thank your favorite (local, i assume) business for all that they do. they work harder than you think to make it all happen. maybe do this on a weekly basis? paul & i chose jackson's coffee this week. we drink jackson's for a lot of reasons (#1.It's delicious) but you should have a look for yourself. have a look)

etc: there has been a lot of other work going on around here----so i will post that when i get "home"

watercolors, wisdom, weldy, and work!

friday. freeday. freshday.

its a day of w's.

watercolors that accent every black line in my life.

wisdom from my soft, sweet, and incredibly silly grandmother.

weldy working his magic. his constant understanding. his need for kisses, paired with my need for kisses on my soul.

work on self and on the schedule.

it's all good.
and now i think i'll go for a bike ride to the public library :)
What could be more Wonderful!

10 July 2008

save yourself and others: buy goods.

don't keep junk.

ok, everyone, please listen.

i have something to say: stop buying crap. buy goods. the crap will end up in shoved in some box someday. you won't even give a crap about that box. that box will be crap.

save pictures. save your top fifteen pieces of art work. sell the rest. give it away. send that ugly bridesmaid dress to your 15 yr old cousin. buy one nice suit. have 7 dress shirts you take really good care of. buy handmade goods, and when you're done with them recycle them. not in a plastic box you put on the curb; get a bit more creative. reinvent them, yard sale them, mail them to a friend. do something with them

your life will look like that(SEE ABOVE) and you will spend your years cleaning up after yourself. your old stuff will mostly likely end up in a dump somewhere, someday, in somebody else's backyard. you won't have to see them or smell they as they decay, but somebody will. and they won't like it.

and i won't like it either.

stop buying stuff. buy goods. use them well. then reuse them. then give them to somebody who will use them when you won't.

start expecting lots of goods to end up in your mailbox.

08 July 2008

the earth.

i missed jeopardy tonight. i had to wash the vegetables, thank you csa...

this theraputic experience led me to take a step back from my anxiety---the earth is not crashing down on me. sure i have nothing i have to do tomorrow, but i have $10 in my wallet and that will allow me and my honey to go to tom sawyer state park. i guess i have the rest of my life to work.

in our box this week:we got beets & cabbage & kale & garlic (FRESH) & red potatoes & leeks & squash & two beautiful sunflowers.

the earth will not let you go. the earth will hold on to you, nourish you and grow you and change your plan for yourself. the earth will rain on you, drench you in sunshine, bury you in dirt, then cleanse you again with its pure showers. the earth will grow you.

thank you field day family farm and thank you earth. even on days when i don't trust you, i can.

07 July 2008

leap fearlessly

today there is a mighty wind that blows me between faith & doubt...and in the midst of all the unknown, there is a place settled deep inside, where whispers of meaningful words fill my midst and the self is quieted.

chugging along, trudging through the muddy waters of self, i find a little light.
oh! the way the heart palpates when you see a package on your doorstep!

thank you kelly rae roberts for this reminder: leap fearlessly

this is a small gratitude gesture to you, and to you, for all that you do to remind me to continue on.

i received a beautiful print of her piece, leap fearlessly, as a gesture of her kindness and goodness and just plain sweetness. it is beautiful and i will treasure it. have a look.

then, once you've had a look, take a peak at the rest of her beautiful work.

many thanks...
and to you,
please come travel through my home and see it in person. travel through my life and stir the places the are dormant. travel through my spirit and wake it up. travel through, travel with me.

06 July 2008


lucky curtain (somewhere in between)
2007, Darlene Cole
oil on canvas

just getting started today, around 1, after lazying around all morning

around 9, i woke up in a red curtain myself, smothered with warmth & una manta de plumes...
my bearded boyfriend made me a delicious cup of jackson's and an omelette.
then i wrote jackson's a thank you note for making mornings delightful. (if you haven't tried jackson's coffee, you should)

finally thought of a caption for card from day 5; wondered when that would happen and it has. it always does.

won't be scanning in these cards, but attempting to file them until i get back to my beloved scanner.

today i'm housesitting but i refuse to just sit around the house.

i'm about to go out and clean my car. old faithful. ash referred to my car as the "old jeep" the other day, and it made me laugh. it IS old, but it still reminds me of my youth & my life of adventure. that automobile has taken me so far. when i got to Louisville, it just hit the 175k mileage mark. this week it should hit 190k. 15k miles here in the Lou, that's impressive, and to think: some days i feel like i've gone no where at all.

i'm hoping to have julia over to make a late lunch or dinner and catchup. i've got my watercolors here too, and i have been thinking recently that she might be a good person to get a lesson from about painting faces. she is such a talented individual. she is the most sincere and soft of ladies. that would be a welcomed joy to have her over.

also, my sweet little friends harriet & eleanor are holding the apple of my eye. i'm hoping to take them to see the new American girl movie, kit kittredge. please please please!

additionally, and maybe before it all, i am hoping to watch federer beat nadal. sorry spain, but you already have one thing to celebrate this month. let's be honest (EA can/will back me up on this one): when you're in spain, you aLwaYs think you have something to celebrate. so jesus died, that doesn't give you a real reason to get drunk anywhere in the world unless you're in españa.

go, federer, go.

also: about the between. really hoping to hear from the pc(usa) this week about the YAI position. trying to place my entire mind in a positive space, believe the impossible, ask for what will give me some strength & confidence & a learning experience or twenty seven. also attempting to think big, believe bigger, & behave gracefully in the midst of it all. feeling confident and cowardly and everything in between.

as always, i welcome your thoughts.inspirations.comments concerning these topics & beyond. i love the feedback, the challenges, the response.

03 July 2008

day 5, making history

wow, good day
and i'm about to get on my bike & meet a sweet friend for a walk.

i finished my canvas today, and as soon as it's dry, i will post a pic of it(because the scan didn't work. any advice?)...

here is my card for today. can anyone tell i am hoping to find a maison someday soon?

1. having a friend who lives in paris & reminds me that life is worth living.
2. etsy is a bit more of a possibility now---thanks alex lee.
Alexandra: LOVEly
have you considered opening an account at etsy and selling your cards babe?
they are gorgeous
me: yess---i am just too much of a wuss
Alexandra: DO IT!!!!!!!!!
you have to do it
you're no wuss
you're stephane alaine tabb

3. 4th of july plan involves bikes, ribs, and a historic celebration

let's make history

02 July 2008

day 4 for real

well since it's only day four, i figured i should give creation another chance.

i've wrecked my deck in the process; the same desk that my dear paul attempted to make sense of on monday night. he color coordinated all my sharpies after testing them to make sure they were still fresh. poor soul---now it's an explosion of color and adhesives.

at least there is someTHING to show for it.
(a bad scanning job, i apoligize in advance)
a work in progress----not complete yet.
but the title is certain: a french obsession.
thinking of you, kate.

day 2, day 3, day 4

day 2 is here, but it's a day too late.

day 3 didn't happen, lets just say i didn't LOVE the world yesterday. i couldn't grasp what my role here was, i couldn't love myself, either.

day 4 is about sharing your beauty with other people, even it's just the beauty you see and the beauty you share. i didn't do this, but (for now) here is a drawing of these flowers. (anybody know what these are?) i saw the real ones yesterday on a walk down frankfort avenue, they were just hanging over the sidewalk displaying their i found them in my Flower Atlas! HoPE theiR beautY remiNds yoU of youR own.