27 August 2008

a twin sister

in case you didn't know, i have a twin sister.

her name is: rejection.

Main Entry:
re·jec·tion Listen to the pronunciation of rejection
circa 1552

1 a: the action of rejecting : the state of being rejected b: an immune response in which foreign tissue (as of a skin graft or transplanted organ) is attacked by immune system components of the recipient organism2: something rejected

24 August 2008

spin and spin and spin

"i've been wanting to tell you, you have the most beautiful smile. i hope you are blessed, and continue to be"

that's a direct quote. that's a call to disarm. that a call to open arms. that a call to look up and to be seen. thats, i don't know.

i woke up this morning in some sweet daze. paul was getting ready for his tennis match and looked so handsome. i wanted him to get back in bed and rub my back for the next 3 hours. he is so in tune---he lays down and before i can even say "scratch me" (which is all i say anymore), he was whispering: "i'm off to play the tennis but you stay here. sleep. rest. don't be productive. relax. set your mind on relaxing."

i was focusing my mind on relaxing-not filling my schedule. it is my one day for me. i have to take it, or i give it away. of course there are me things i must do, laundry, etsy, call my mom, plan for the week ahead---but really i need to focus in on resting, relaxing, reconnecting. i fall into the whirl of life, and i spin and spin and spin, but soon i topple over with exhaustion and defeat. and by soon i mean within days, and i am swept up with love, again, but oh! it is imperative to take a day to rest. rest your body and your mind and your soul. recharge the smile, the genuine smile, you've been wearing all week. tie back your hair and take so many deep breaths. crack your toes and simplify your soul. continue to be blessed.

22 August 2008

nappy hair is happy hair

First Read Renita:

Then Read Stephanie's comment:
rjw- i do agree with you on this one—we should let our nappy hair be our happy hair but i don’t believe this experience is limited to just little black girls.

i have some curly hair, i mean, genetic mutant of my mother and father, and i am your average white girl. but this hair has been the center of most people’s eyes for my entire life. i am constantly just letting it be, and just by claiming it and love it, i get more attention than i desire about it. there is something to be said about how many girls across the world are conscious of the value they feel given depending on the “look” of the hair on top of their head.

i couldn’t count the number of times i hear “is that real?” “you must hate it” “i’d kill for that hair” now come on–women and men, alike, embrace what you have! that’s all i’m busy doing.

and i hated it as a child—hated it. permed it and straightened it and colored it and cut it and shoved it in every direction. but one day, i wrapped my full arms around myself and claimed i would be just exactly who i am.

i am learning how to be that more and more. that experience is not limited to a child of color, gender, race, class, or circumstance.
that is embracing the One who created us.
that is making a full claim to love yourself dEsPiTe your flaws.
(and believe me: you taught me sooo much about that, thank you Dr Weems, and “What Matters Most.)

15 August 2008

beauty, beauty everywhere

kids see beauty everywhere, don't they? they love on people without knowing what that means about who they are. they argue about plastic toys and crayon colors and which seat they get to sit at in the lunchroom. they draw the most imaginative things.

and then, they grow up.

[current moment]
i've just returned from a really log, hard, blood pumping, sweating-out-my-every-por run. it was tough, but it was beautiful and strengthening, too. i listened to my heart race, my mind race, my soul glide; through shadows and short breathes, something broke open. i can't say exactly what it was, but i know this is certain: something in the struggle is grace.


long. hard. night. could have been a fiesta, but my mind create a moat around my fortress-of-a-heart, and there was distance, mostly mental and battle, mostly within. such struggle for something so simple. the calm came, thank goodness, but my eyes showed my actions this morning. they were bloodshot and raw. they stung all day. i have created this, i kept reminding myself, i made it this tough.

[back to today]

so a great run, the most beautiful week august has ever seen. a rough patch, but beauty, beauty eVeRyWhEre.
and strawberries flying through the air. here is to love.

09 August 2008

the sweet spot

this week's business appreciation goes to our favorite place for tennis inspiration in all of louisville... the sweet spot!

paul ordered a nice prince racquet from this little treasure box planted precisely in st matthews---less than a mile from my house and the courts! we were so impressed with the impeccable customer service, the amazing treatment of a tennis novice (and his wannabe steffi graf gf), and the sincere desire to satisfy.

for all your tennis needs, the sweet spot is where it is at.
149 Chenoweth Ln
Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 894-8718

04 August 2008

a card a day

about a month ago, paul made me promise to make a card a day. can't say i actually followed through, but now that "tactic" is really keeping me on my toes. the VERY best way to get my stuff looked at on ETSY is by posting one card a day---ideally more, but i will take what i can get. i am *really* excited about this endeavor, i mean, more and more i find ways to make my cards, more inspirations to make cards, more love towards card making, more support around that which i love to do!

thanks thanks to everyone who has taken a peak at the shop; i would LOVE your feedback, btw, ANYTHING you have to say is super uplifting and really informative and (most of all) encouraging to the core. that you're even looking tells me i'm on the right track!

ok, well having a "real" job and staying busy after work is making these posts short, i promise to keep up with the good stuff, and in the mean time, keep up with your sweet lives, too. all my LOVE!