24 January 2009

love x 1,000

{new cards in the etsy shop: valentine's day is right around the corner and love manifests itself in a multitude of ways. what loves are you loving???}
i love a saturday. i love walking/running in the park despite the temperature. i love a boy who shaves his face clean. i love a chin i've never seen before and dimples deeper than i knew possible. i love making valentine's day cards. i love a "stepmom" who is more like a best friend than a mom but more like a mother of wisdom and comfort and delight than anything. i love my short hair. i love a restaurant that does cuban food really well. {so does everyone else in the Lou} i love conversations with friends you haven't talked to in forever that go so smoothly it feels like you met them for coffee just this morning. i love a brother: specifically one who is 4 years older than me and has always lived 500+ miles away, but now, he's 0.5 miles down the road and awesome central. i love food full of nutrition. i love a night at northend when a friend is dj'ing. i love a week that was way too stressful and a heart that feeds on inspiration still. i love making cards: paper, scissors, glue, and a big dose of all the goodness i could ever need. i love how these days everyone is posting really old photos on facebook. (really?) i love the obama administration. i love pixar. i love a collaboration with victoria wall. i love apples to apples. i love a golden shirt & damn good jeans. i love satisfaction, delight, release, admiration, intuition, hope. i love this week, this land, this day. i love love. it is the best gift of all.


erin said...

like the name of that perfume in spain

Emile said...

I bet your brother loves you a bunch too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love you!!!
As a best friend/daughter/wisdom seeker/sharer of thoughts,hopes,dreams,insights.
I'm terrribly lucky!!!