28 January 2009

more love everywhere

but let me tell you something that i am learning:
love is unconditional.
not a single condition or excuse should keep me from loving you.
not heavy winds or high waters.
not late nights or basketball games.
i am going to love you good, you'll see.
i will try to change you, certainly,
but i am going to love you for the you that you are
for the you that you're constantly becoming.
you can be certain of this.

{well hello, i've been focusing lots on love. this is the season of love. all of my work right now screams: love one another. loving pw & winter days spent outside. loving the family i was born into. we should all be so lucky to love so much. celebrating love this friday night with some heart piercing cards on exhibit at the Felfle / Tidwell Love Explosion. more info here. more love everywhere. what are you loving?}

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