01 January 2009

sharing the holiday snapshots!

{paul's birthday gifts-including the picnic basket which is just to the right of the packages. and yes, i tied those beautiful bows!!!}

{i was hallie's secret santa this year. talk about a gift! having her was such a gift to me; it's really fun to treat someone you are so deeply connect to with gifts. included in the pile are jen lemen's trust cards. i am totally thrilled with jen's ability to connect word:image:heart. that's something i think hallie does every single heart beating day, so i think she will be tucking those trust cards into her pocket.}

{christmas morning at paul's parents house. i have yet to take beautiful photo of the bracelet G&S gave me. really thoughtful and stunning. their house was so peaceful and so warm. the sunlight was pouring through their windows blessing us so.}

{paul's stocking! i made these with my friend Carol. his looks best full; it's made from an old cardigan we found at the nearly new shop and santa steffi filled it up with goodies!}

{and my stocking: which was much prettier not filled but filled it was much more fun! santa paul brought me lots of lovely goodies. he is a great gifter, so thoughtful and most importantly, on my christmas card he remarked: "Lets love each other more as each Christmas passes." yes, sir! I think that's a bright idea!}

{a pile of holiday cards ready to ship! more on what was inside later. in the process of sending the final few as we speak. christmas gets merrier the longer it lasts, did you know?}

{finally: friends! sweet friends with hearts that stretch far and wide. hearts of courage and lives full of spirit. we met on the streets of alexandria, virginia for our annual reunion. so special to share even a few hours with these ladies. we are all preparing for years that flow with blessing and spirit, call our courage to the front of our lives, and teach us to trust more and love greater.}


Anonymous said...

love yOu.

kate said...

i want you to teach me how to make such lovely sweater stockings!! i love are certainly so creative ms. tabb!