03 January 2009

stories and lovers

i have been meaning to post this for a while. it's a peak into a story about a sushipot card give to me by paul. above is the image in the front of the card...inside was the story of the king who await his queen. she is returning from adventures and far lands, he is eager to hold her and hear her tales. {this time last year we were just beginning to fall in love.i can't help but be thankful for growth and depth and greater daily syncronizing} wishing you fanciful stories and someone who longs for your return, longs to hear your version of the world's teachings, longs to hold you and comfort you and be there for you. through and through and through again.
big love to you, pw. yours is a generous task (that you are more than able to handle)

i finally got the chance to do this project i've been jonesing to do! kelly rae roberts' photo frame from a vintage book was a super fun holiday activity of mine! i think it turned out quite well. she added more tchotcke to hers, mine is simply the frame, the photo and a top from a bottle of Pierre Gimonnet's grower champagne. {paul's favorite} loving it!

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