16 January 2009

sweet sixteen!

{photograph taken by the
lovely & talented
victoria wall}

1. i find gold paperclips in piles of silver ones, everyday. that must say something about me. golden hands, perhaps?
2. a spirit of adventure is woven into my soul. i used to want to be an exchange student in high school, and i finally put that into action in college, and i cannot ever stop thinking about traveling, foreign cultures, horizons.
3. turquoise is my favorite color. it has been since i was a wee little nugget. not too bright, not too drab. not too boy, not too girl. just right!
4. i am trying to grow my own business. i really love making things with paper and glue. i think i could do it, too, with some balance and patience and big belief. i have amazing support, great ideas, and ambition. {my brother from another mother is named tenacity}
5. my hair gets less curly everyday, i swear, it does!
6. i talk in a very obnoxious british accent, frequently. mostly when i'm talking to myself. paul catches me occasionally and immediately gives me the stink eye.
7. i love notes. any kind of note. post it note. letter. good email. scrap paper. old bookmark. junk mail. gmail chats. (virtual post it notes) a note can change my entire perspective.
8. i check my igoogle homepage religiously. i follow a handful of blogs and make friends out of these people. they are my sources of inspiration and delight-daily! it sounds much weirder than it is; i'm extremely choosy when it comes to who gets a spot, and i prefer this method than the occasional check-in with the folks that make the cut. there are some living, breathing amazing people out there.
9. i send secret blessings to people on the TARC. i'm always really thankful when the bus comes, and it always seems i've got a lot more to be thankful for than i know. i sent a blessing to a man today whose arm was seriously maguivered in this cast. it was less like a cast than a contraption, but you could tell his arm needed it. i whisper love and confidence to little girls with braids and beads; strength to those who have a hard time moving; warmth; support; stability. we all need these things: blessings.
10. i want to learn how to listen: really, really well. i want to understand more. i want to participate in active listening. i want others to leave their time with me feeling heard.
11. my inspiration board has a photo of the six most amazing women i can think of on it.
12. i have tons of projects pending. one of my goals for this year is to become a person of ACTION. the first project was the kelly rae robert's photo frame. check. the second project is a service project on MLK Jr. day. (registered--its Monday) check. the third project... get it? i want more check's less empty boxes on the to-do list.
13. my sister and i are closer every year. i love her more, think more of her, get to know her more deeply. i really like my sister {you would too}. she's classic, thoughtful (so thoughtful!) successful, witty and easy to be around. i really like her.
14. i'm back on a health plan: been keeping a food journal, working out, meeting with a wellness coach, trying to plug me into optimal me. its amazing how making time in your own schedule for you can be so tough! i've had a great week though. i love other people's stories about health and wellness. if you're willing to share...
15. since paul, valentine's day is now my favorite holiday. love really is all we need, people.
16. i love a bath, in fact, i'm going to take one, right now.
so that's me.
you're it!
share your sweet sixteen.
play a little with words.

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nice picture :)