07 January 2009

tell your story, my friends (*give*away*, too!)

what are you trying to change about yourself? is the story of your days dissatisfying? do you mope around your house, uninspired, uninterested, under the cover of contentment? are you busy facebooking and not dealing with it? do you have stacks of sweaters that go unworn? food the enters your mouth that goes unnoticed (and therefore, never satisfies)? are you walking around, your feet killing you in those shoes, but still walking? are you meditating mid bicep curl at the gym? downward dogging it until fire is literally burning your calves?

are you there? do you realize how precious your life is? how life-changing one story can be? how the tale you are telling {yourself} can be simultaneously victorious or defeating? did you wake up this morning, overwhelmed or overjoyed? so there is a roof, and warmth and coffee and bread, but is there heart and soul and a spirit camp set up in your territory? have you called the divine into your day, claimed that this is the hour of salvation?

i was reading renita earlier today, she's talking about simplifying. she gets under my skin with stuff like this. and by under my skin i mean under it in a good way. she sloughs off all the old, scrubs and works it away. on her knees scrubbing and reaching way up high to get the cobwebs that keep hanging around. its as though she knows my gratitude was gone today. my courage left in the closet. my thankful thrown. and then tonight, after reading renita, i thought about it like this:

simplify. not overnight, but start. today.
act. not success, but do something. today.
achieve. not the end, but the process. today.
reach. not all the way, but part of it. today.

quit tramping around covered up with your pseudo-satisfaction. it doesn't all have to be alright today. you can just be in the process. you can be waxing and waning like the rest of us. day by day by day we build these lives we live. we trip and fall. we have skinned knees and bleeding hearts. we are, quite literally, working brick by brick to create these castles. take your time. take what you really need. you like cats? have a cat. you like marie antoinette. so do i. follow your heart. i mean, sure, stay in line and do what you have to do, but don't pretend like you're not something really special. you are. you can't hide that. you can't keep forgetting that you can fill in the blank. today is blank. fill it.

find a way to fill it. you are the water. today is the glass. fill it.
find a way. make a way. a way. "a way out of no way will be made for you."
those are the most precious eleven words anyone has ever said to me in my whole life (except those three words my mother said to me while i was in spain, "get over yourself." those are a close second). somedays it's a curse. somedays its a blessing.
but make your way. don't cower around under your raincoat or shove your feet in those shoes that hurt. shake yourself a little. wake up. do some pushups. this is your life.

tell your story. you want it to rain black licorice jellybeans?
you want to dance for the royal danish ballet?
you want to dig your hands in the soil of vineyards?
you want to paint? teach yoga? live abroad? be johnny cash?
you want people to send each other your handmade cards?
you want those things?

you got it.
tell your story, my friends.
wake up. say it aloud. on the bus. to a stranger.
dream about it at night.
pray for it.
call it into being.
nourish the seeds.
plant them first.
then water them.
tend to the garden of your heart.
let the divine set up camp and be with you.
walk in the strength of spirit, in the courage of your call.
listen to the stories you tell yourself.
they are powerful and life-changing.

{in case you're interested, i would love to hear your story. i am constantly trying to find ways to connect with readers. any ideas? i'm going to start with this: for those of you who feel like sharing, i want to open up a space (and perhaps tie a little carrot to a little string and dangle it before you). if* you will take a moment, share your story, a peek into your dreams/fears/being, here, on this blog, i will in turn send you something inspiring and affirming. just leave your story, comment, and email address, and i will contact you about where to send your inspired treasure! xoxox}


LaurenW said...

Steph, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. thank you for this post today! it is much needed for me and I am sure many others as well.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Writing to you dear Stephanie is a difficult task. What does one who has no answers say to someone who is so elegantly searching for them?

My daily struggle that, admittedly, almost always lacks grace and rarely shares an office with optimism (despite the meds) is as common as this pen I am writing with (originally handwritten, at work, while not doing any) yet is probably the most misunderstood and often distorted question facing everyone: How to live the life YOU want to live? Not the one your parents think you should or the one your friends do or those people across the street, in the tabloids, on the movie screen. Not the one Cosmo tells you everyone else is living or even the one the naive, teenage version of yourself once thought you should be living. But the one you want to live right now. I’m not happy. I’m stuck, in debt to a society that keeps screaming MORE! More, it says, will make you happy. More of what? When will I simply have Enough? I work at a job I can’t stand to get more, sometimes just for the mere possibility of getting more and there is no joy in that. My struggle is finding the courage to change my life, on my terms for the betterment of myself and the people I love.