14 January 2009


whispers about eugene:
-about two weeks ago, on paul's birthday, we were at westport wine and whiskey. i was waiting patiently as he searched the shelves. looking here & there, high & low, for his special birthday wine. i was just browsing around, minding my own business, being extra careful not to knock anything over with the satchel. i found this wine called plans, it had the weirdest label, it looked like an overused post it note, but i really liked it. i picked it up and turned it around, and guess where it was from: Eugene, OR.
-i called paypal the other night to discuss an issue i saw with my account, and i was expecting to get someone from half-way around the world on the other end of the line. i like those kind of calls, now; alicia helped me reframe customer service calls like this: "you're talking to someone in India, for free!" anyhow, imagine my surprise when I was expecting a foreign name to fill in this blank: "Thank you for calling PayPal, this is _____, how can I help you?" Instead his name was: Eugene.
-been trying to refocus my health efforts these past few weeks. after meeting with a wellness coach, taking fitness and health assessments, stretching my farthest and poking at my pudge a bit, i started keeping a food journal. today, i purchased a "formal" food journal from my wellness coach, and as i was browsing through it, i flipped to the final page. MemoryMinder is a company based out of, you got it, Eugene, OR.
and my horoscope this week:
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): "Dear Rob: I have the golden eggs. They're
shiny and big and beautiful. That's the good news. The bad news is that
they're taking waaayyyyy too long to hatch. I've been giving them all the
love and care I can possibly spare -- keeping them warm, playing them
Mozart symphonies, thinking good thoughts toward them -- but they're
still just sitting there inert. Any suggestions to speed up the process? -
Impatient Virgo." Dear Impatient: From my understanding, the golden
eggs are valuable exactly as they are now. You really don't need them to
hatch yet.

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