04 February 2009

bee well.

"at age 27 i am beginning to see the beauty of a well made bed" pw

{this is too funny! i am using pw's computer and i was attempting to copy and paste a comment that was meant for elsita, but the internet crapped out and i don't think i copied it fast enough. but i came here to this space thinking i had, and when i go to paste it, instead i pasted this quote, from pw. i appreciate this chappy so very much, ya'll, he is the greatest! and i am serious when i say i think he has a heart made of gold! }

well i am sick in bed right now, sneezing and blowing through kleenex at ungodly speeds. i wanted to have a speck of inspiration to share, but it seems i can't stop sneezing long enough to even get a sentence typed. think it's time to put in the netflix. to keep the bee inspiration going i asked pw to cue me up "the secret life of bees." (i think i mentioned that earlier in the week). anyway, he did and it's here and i shall watch it.

rest up. get well. soak up the warm and wellness into your bones. xoxxxx
(and if you are well, offer to take somebody some delicious hot soup!)