28 February 2009

a homage to the mosaic of very odd things that i absolutely could not live without. they are what i have laid eyes upon, loved and kept living. they create dreams, fuel desires, harness long-thriving hopes that have inspired me to hold on, despite the cold, the wind, the pain.
very large mugs of hot tea. john derian. volvo xc station wagons. pink lady apples. big gold chain necklaces. my scotch ATG. old french dictionaries. blue dog bakery and cafe. margaritas. fresh flowers. redken hair products. sweet, sweet family. curly hair. hambly screenprints. dark chocolate. annie dilliard. love. paper. scissors. spirit. song. creativity flowing. vino. the bath. journals. pandora radio. a headdress. prw. my glorious mothers. damn good pens. kentucky bourbon. a macintosh. all 5 senses. lotion from the french shoppe in middleburg. little blue. 4 siblings. calligraphy. jackson's coffee. heart. bookshelves. dear friends. travel. h2o. xoxxxxx

1. fancy, 2. inner compass, 3. grow, 4. more than just a pretty face

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Anonymous said...

i was feeling super angry tonight. then, i read your blog. then, i made my own lists. & now, all things feel good again. love you, ewat