23 February 2009

"light is always in season" beirut

is there just a tiny little more pep in your step today? did you drink that extra glass of water and feel more refreshed than usual? did you do an extra double take when you walked past your own reflection? did you own both your present and your potential? did you touch base, reach out with a hug, challenge your mind to believe what your heart was saying?

{i wish you would allow yourself small luxuries of this caliber.}

the days when i take the moment to care, which happens maybe one-three times a day, i have to give myself both a moment of credit and give the creator of this life a moment of praise. i sincerely believe being alive is a gift, and gifted we are, even when we have strep throat, one headlight out, and dirty hair.

in a letter to my grandma C and grandpa B, i wrote:
"i'm stirring a bit, itching to get out and play; wanting to witness the life being born on tree limbs and in nests. All around, everyday, I find more and more to be thankful for.

currently on that list: hot tea, fresh vegetables, art, family , youth, birds, OBAMA!, public transportation, health & wellness, the public library, paul, a spirit of adventure, my winter hat & gloves, healthy food, fresh water, LOVE, etc.

i share that list with you all because during this season of stillness and quiet, i believe the simple blessings reveal themselves as sacred. our eyes, dulled by the constant gray of winter, our bones cold from its chill- they find inspiration in unexpected places.

the seeds in the garden of life still grow when winter settles in. deep, they take root in the soil of our lives. love and beauty plant themselves within our bodies. we become the garden: we live in the light, collect rain, weather storms and grow. we find ourselves living live inspired, nourished by the environment of our lives, even during the most unlikely of seasons."

and so i thought that should be shared. sweeten your mind that is stirring with spring fever. you are right where you need to be. love love love to you in that place where you are planted. xoxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

So I have 2 things that give me a pep in my step today... well 3 if you count the fact that it's Friday:)

1) My beautiful cards that I just recieved in the mail. I love everyone one of them... it will be hard to pass them along to family and friends to enjoy more than me!

2) The new Ben Kweller cd! I heard him on a live session this week and I can't wait to buy the album. Check it out!

-- Crow

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