18 February 2009

a little nina mae

oh we should all be so lucky to have a little nina mae in our lives. my sweetest sweet grandmother celebrates another year today, and though we are far apart, i think her life deserves a little tribute.

she is a treasure to me. i remember when i was a little girl i used to love sleeping in her big brass bed right alongside her. i'd flip and turn during my sleep, but she'd still have me. she loves all things red: red nail polish, red wine, red coats. i used to sneak into her bathroom and play with all her cosmetics. a powder puff here and there and suddenly i was a little version of nina mae. {if only!} she used to take my sister and i to the pool and let us pose like super models, there are photos of that to be seen as well. we'd get beautiful christmas dresses to match our favorite cousin, jackie, and then iridescent windbreakers (it was the 90's people) during our fun trips to the beach. gram 9A as we call her, would let us spend long summer nights (and lots of quarters) playing at the boardwalk, then buy us french fries and ice cream cones.

the fun never ends with this lady. once she moved to florida, our visits were fewer but with her came an adorable addition: pops. nina mae met pops at the 19th hole and our family was blessed with some british blood and a really bloody good man. they were a dancing, partying hoot---at 21 i felt like an old hen around a bunch of spring chickens! caroline and i visited them in florida during our spring breaks---we spent a long time on interstate 95, but the trip treated us well. we were sun soaked and partied, hard. every night dinner and games and fun. every day events and activities and go go go. like water aerobics, golf, pool parties, noodles (she LOVES a noodle in the pool), shopping, happy hour (every night), walks, beach, seafood, family dinners (my aunt/uncle/cousin live in FL too), puzzles, cards, snacks, wine, sunshine, all the time.

so at 79, this is the grandmother that our family celebrates: the life very well lived and the woman very well loved. the one who can cheer me up with a voicemail- anyday. after my sister's wedding, a torrential downpour swept across the open field and the outdoor venue, some would have referred to this event as a hurricane, but, not my family. my family proceeded to party it up. and gram 9A, calls me a week or two later and leaves me this voicemail: "hey steffi, it's your grandma nina. just wanted to let you know i heard a rap song and it made me think of you."

it takes a special woman. one who is courageous and light hearted and well-lived. this woman is all those things, and so much more, to me. wishing i was in florida, playing rummi-kub, drinking some red wine, right about now. happy birthday nina mae. i love and celebrate you. xoxxxxx


louisvillegritsguy said...

here here! well said, honey.

louisvillegritsguy said...

p.s. a little sad Teddy didnt get a shout out.