01 February 2009

softened with thankfulness {and SO much heart!}

{Conserver un couer paisible et un visage souriant.}
{Keep a peaceful heart and a smiling face.} (ratisbonne)

mon couer is full, brimming in fact, with affections and i swear that it all started this morning. february is my month of big, big love. i am going to be all sweet, all honey, sticky and everywhere; adding a touch of sunshine and love to everything, sticking with it, through and through.

the photo above was taken a few years ago in colonial beach, va during a long girls weekend. it captures something silly about me, on a bike, summer colored and sun-kissed. there i am trying to capture something and the glorious sun is setting behind me. i have to laugh at myself, i really am just a human being with a heart and a path to walk along, but really, come on. be with the sunset. be on the bike.

i love bees. i am going to have paul cue up "the secret life of bees" on the netflix. i am going to eat lots of honey this month. i am going to taste the sweetness that is february of 2009. my lips are going to greet the sweet lips of those kisses. my palms are going to be spread wide ready for big love. my heart, beating and totally along for the ride. feeling so good on this first day of february. feeling so right, right where i need to be.


speaking of hearts, the LOVE EXPLOSION show at Daniel Chaffin gallery went beautifully this weekend. the art of Rosie Felfle and Jeral Tidwell was stunning (their work SO different but incredible when hung together), and the furniture spread about set off every piece. a love explosion indeed! it was this beautiful exhibition of people who love their craft and bring it to life with their hands. i was completely beside myself filling this stunning, handcrafted shelf with heart piercing cards. my studio assistant (pw) helped me set up and everything was top-notch! really fun and truly a wonderful experience.
a few fotos:
(my cards/creations all displayed on the beautiful daniel chaffin shelf--and do you see rosie's hearts on the right side. her hearts were floating, dreamy and sweet!)

(my candy dish and pseudo business cards :) haha)

(my favorite card on the shelf; sold to a mystery buyer! titled: 1,000,000 kisses, hoping to make more and have them in the shop this week, just in time for valentine's day)

(a little detail of the filled shelf!)

agh, so, my couer is peaceful and the smile is spread across my face. so many days of "rest" and so many wonderful inspirations collect, i am just softened with thankfulness. hoping you are sent off into the month of february on the wings of love.

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