22 February 2009

sunday best

i wish i could say that i've been chipping away at the old creative block, but people, the inspiration is not there! i finally checked off all my boxes in the to do (which often should be titled, "to make") category , and post-valentine's day, i've been busy busy with work, fitness, nutrition, and sleep. some nights, i feel $pent and $pent. every morning, i wake up with feelings of deep gratitude.

locking into the health goals has been a firm and deep commitment. i've been "selfish" with my time. i am loving my wellness coach, she is so sincere and supportive. i have been finding new ways to eat wholer, healthier foods, sometimes at the expensive of convenience (though i was never a big convenience food eater), but always at the benefit of my whole body. been lifting and stretching and running (very fast, haha). i will start yoga very soon.

with my health goals has come a bit of a cutback in wine and sweets. this is very difficult for someone who is passionately involved with a man in the wine industry. i have to keep reminding myself its not forever, but for a change, and then for a reintroduction. its a season of Goldilocks, i keep thinking throughout my days: trying all these "methods of living" out for size, seeing which ones work and make me feel fantastic, leaving behind the ones that are too big, too painful, too much. speaking of Goldilocks and the three bears, i requested it from the local library and i need to go pick it up.

someone at work calls me that, Goldilocks, and has since July. i never took note of it (assumed it was associated with my hair), but more recently, i have been practicing the art of decision making and it's been a rewarding experience. i'm living in the land of
"what actions can i take to live a great life and, through those actions, how can i honor my commitments to self and others today?"

well i am thankful for sunday, a day of rest. it is glorious outside (may call for a jog!). pw is sick, his hair is clipped back and he's trying to beat this for the third time around. poor dear. i am being a very good nurse: giving him many mugs of hot tea, delicious oatmeal, and big hugs. we may go out to my parents villa in the countryside for dinner if he's feeling a bit better, but until then, we'll lay low and practice wellness, feeling good, support. doing what feels right, moment by moment, and reaching ever towards more love and sweeter life.


Anonymous said...

As always I'm blown away by your blog. It(you) inspire me!!
Love, is only a word, but the feelings I have for you can not be expressed with just four letters

Can't wait to hug you

Darlene Siddons said...

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have a great week ahead...


Anonymous said...

What an inspirational blog as I head home on the metro only to convince myself to get on the treadmill and treat my body well. Why is it that I constantly think about what I'm not doing for myself but I'm always so busy! - Crow