15 February 2009

today is my day for me

tulips on my desk, bright in the sunshine of today. coffee in hand. valentine's signed, sealed, delivered. gorditas and tacos eaten. love proudly on display. now what?

i made a mixtape recently (also known as a "playlist") that has some of my favorite songs EVER on it. really romantic, really melodious, really fun, really moving music. i am totally in love. it's really special to me when i take that kind of time for myself, to do something good for me. i find that i don't do it often enough and i get spent trying to give give give. i was talking to pw about it this morning and i am going to have a week full of stephanie goodness. i need to meditate on what that means and really act.

but i sat down at my desk this morning, ready to write myself a love letter or something, and i immediately started thinking about what i needed to do for others. bosses birthday: make card and gift. grandma 9a's birthday: make card , finish gift, package, mail. found card that was intended for Victoria, need to mail. so far the ratio is 3:0- not that great. so, today, is my day for me.

update the food journal. (30 days into it and still liking it, amazing!) {OK, get this! my grandmother just called me to join her for breakfast! check one for receiving! see! call blessings into being, and they come} blog (here i am). run, jump rope, get some fresh air, sunshine, and a workout! bathe & read some wally lamb (totally loving my new book!). go to carol's for crafts and fun, on my bike! (i love crafts and i love my bike) make a delicious salad for dinner with pw. journal/make cards/ finish "out of africa" tonight.

self-love is contagious.
a full heart overflows, organically.
share the goodness, of course, but share some with you, too.

p.s. listening to "i am a lady in spain" today for inspiration. what are you listening to? what is your plan for self-love today?

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