16 February 2009

two more words!

things that are making me super happy today:
- i started my love journal to myself (in a darling journal e.wat gave me when we graduated from college. its green and shimmering and gold and soon it will be full of sweet nothings written by me for me.)
- i ate so well today, felt so motivated towards my health goals, acted so intentionally on those motivations! i love that
- i got to catch up with sweet drebo tonight-always a treat to connect with an old friend
- got the funniest note from gram 9a tonight, it's her birthday week, and showering her with much love will be my task. photo above was the first piece of love she'll get this week (featuring my mom, gram 9a, pw and teddy---they are a little brady bunch and i love it!) "Thank you, you sweet girl, for remembering my bday. I actually look thin in that picture. MAKE MY DAY Love to you both Gram 9a"
- my song of the day: "o...saya" by A.R. Rahman and M.I.A. from the opening scene of Slumdog Millionaire. talk about MOVING and inspiring.
- being grumpy, listening to moving tunes, riding the TARC, sitting with pw during his break. i sware he is more handsome everyday.
- two words: roasted vegetables.
- two more words: pablo neruda (and his 100 love sonnets, yes please.)
- two more words, a theme: big love.

now please oh please leave me a little comment and tell me: what are you listening to?!?!?!

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erin said...

new Lily Allen!! "It's Not Me It's You" So good. Sondre Lerche. He's from Norway and I discovered him from the movie Dan in Real Life--he did the soundtrack. I've been going through a Beatles phase, too. The Kooks, another British band. I like every song of theirs I've hear. And my fave hip hop song right now is "Got Money" by Lil Wayne and T Pain.