02 March 2009

the daisy that lives within

dear winter spirit: you have nurtured me so. you have given me time, space, rest, rejuvenation. when i was cold, you offered me beautiful mugs of hot tea. when i was lonely, you let the sun peak through. you gifted me with the most beautiful hat a curly haired girl could dream of. you threw a warm coat over my shoulders and sent me out the door. every morning, your crisp air wakes me up. i promised myself i wouldn't complain about you. summer has some serious perks, but it has unbearable moments that make me think of you with great praise. but spring is on its way now, and its easy to want you to find your way to another part of the globe.

this weekend we spring forward, but i just want you to know, you've been good for us. you've let us be our little bear selves and i'm quite certain we all need a little bit of that. never, no never, you never let me down with your ability to take me there. you know that about me, i'm a bit of a bear. you love me still.

and, most importantly, you help me hold onto the fabric of my soul, even when it was gray, even when i was letting it slide, just a bit. you inspired me to hang on to the daisy patterned beautiful body, spirited sprite that i am. you may send the chilling wind my way, but when i tuck in, i see you're just whispering: more tenderness, more affection, more curling up and cuddling, more taking care of your body, more all the goodness i forget during my days here on earth, no matter what the season. when your sunshine has spread across my face, a smile has spread there too, and for this i am oh-so-grateful. you have been so good to me. you deserve much praise.

but now, or soon, goodbye. goodbye 20 degree walks at 11am. goodness mittens. goodbye hat, i adore you. goodbye boots. goodbye until next year, or as soon as you'd like to come back. i will always welcome you. you're one of my favorites.

we're racing towards spring, our skirts pulled up, our Frisbee in the backseat of the jeep, ready to play. our daisies are nurtured, our bodies ready for more movement, more fresh air, spring rains, and sunshine! sweet sunshine. all of this, thanks to you.

♥♥♥and may you discover the daisy that lives within you and knows no season. ♥♥♥