22 March 2009

faithful to the task, and, a little giveaway!

my most recent creation, made a few {weeks} ago. yikes. soo i haven't been in the making phase of paper and glue. i think i've been inspiration collecting, or butterfly seeking, or pollen hunting like the bees do, faithful to their task, all a part of the process of making something as sweet as honey.

i really appreciate your checking in at this space. i wish i could have a little snapshot of what you've been up to. who you are, what tasks you're being faithful to. in honor of your presence, i would like to offer a giveaway:

{here's the thing} i want to know more about you. leave a comment on this post, tell me what you've been up to, what tasks you're juggling during this season of life, who you are, where you come from---really, share whatever you've got as you read this, and... {here's the fun part} i have a lovely set of flatnote cards that i will send to one lucky ready, chosen at random, on friday morning 03/27/09. let the sharing begin! xOxo

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