06 March 2009

a homage to my love!

dear pw:
you are the bomb diggity, sweetest honey, nicest little elf on the face of the planet. thank you for a delicious meal last night and a delicious life. for making me coffee this morning and totally and absolutely loving me even when i have no idea whats going on and i leave a tornado behind me. that you for your strength and your support, for embracing me when i am so mad at myself. thank you for holding up my intentions and helping me get closer to them, little step by little step. thank you for riding bikes and throwing frisbees and chopping onions and pouring wine and playing with paint. you are creative, careful, conscientious, communicative, glowing. thank you for all that you are, all your goodness on the surface of your skin, welling up from you plaid loving soul, so sweet and so good. thank you for moving me everyday, for spreading your arms wide & opening them up, ready to love.
p.s. i can't think of a better way to celebrate 200 blog posts than a homage to you!