31 March 2009

nourishing the soul-self and...a craft instruction!

a steaming mug of cool mint tea: lucky me. sitting at the computer tonight surrounded by inspiration. inspiration in the form of books, a boy and a brainstorm.

oh. my. gosh. i love the louisville free public library! look at all these beauties! i am so excited to touch on all of my hopes and dreams through written word. i have been feeling a deep desire to get back into journaling and reading, carving out quiet space in this busy world to connect with the me that i love and need to nourish. the fabric of my being craves a blank page and words. i have to have good writing utensils, inspired words to spark my mind and ideas to delight! let's see, now i have the journal, red 8.5x 11, the pens/markers/jelly roll glitter pens/crayons/transfer type/etc., the stack of inspiring words, & all i need is to carve out the time.

i am here to report that i will be buried in books and journaling and soul-self nourishing activities for some time. lets be clear though, that this blog-space is a place i delight in, so i will for sure peak in with updates and surprises. but...i tell you all of this because i also know that i need to be carving out some non-computer time. {said blog is created and accessed only from a computer}

and...btw: i would encourage you to take check your radar for the zones that need paying attention to. paul is studying for his wine test this week, his nose is buried in wine reference books and index cards. i will be covered with ink and fonts and words of goodness. where will you find yourself? toes covered in sand, walking along the shoreline? strapping on your running shoes and jumping on a treadmill? fingernails dirty from digging in the garden? with your hands held high hanging the laundry out on the line? muddy and sitting at the pottery wheel?

i pray you find yourself somewhere inspired. carving out time and nourishing your soul-self.

*********************** ********************* ****************************

oh! and i had a very crafty moment this week that i wanted to share with ya'll...
here's the final project:

9 steps to beautiful, that's all it takes:
1. cute wrapping paper. wrap. {hey AS: you are the best gift wrapper of all time, btw, this one made me think of you}
2. take a normal sheet of paper and cut a long swirling line, go every-which-way with your scissors, and then back again. ideally, you want to have a long swirly crooked piece when you're done. (make sure you don't cut into it!)
3. take one piece of tape and adhere one end of your "ribbon" to the back seam of the gift.
4. wrap the other end around as far as it will go, loosely.
5. cut out a heart shape. or a crown shape. or a boxing-glove shape.
6. write recipients name on said piece of paper.
7. use a scrap piece of paper, and adhere one end to the back of the heart.
8. wrap scrap paper (now connected to heart) around "ribbon," and adhere OTHER end of scrap paper to the back of the heart.
9. VOILA! creative ribbon for your using.

{this is especially handy when you don't have ribbon, like i didn't on monday night when i whipped this one up :) let me know what you think!!!}


Anonymous said...

Hey steph! I'm reading the french women for all seasons's entertaining! love your wrapping paper project as well. i truly enjoy your blog and appreciate your thoughts on life and creativity. inspiration comes from everywhere.
with love-kfinn

Anonymous said...

Great blog... I love the crafting tips, high hopes for novella inspirations (say whhaatt?) and a sweet reminder to take a time out for yourself!

I will be indulging myself with yoga and search for a new puppy member.
Love- crow

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I read this after we had dinner. It make more sense and has more weight.
I think this is your jumping off place, your starting point,

A story, a series of plans/ideas, an outcome/wrap-up.

You just blogged how to help each of us by chronicling how you're helping yourself!


paulweldy said...

feeling very appreciative of the library today, myself. now that the test is over, i dont have much reason to go there anymore...and i think i will miss it. such a luxury to have a place that is both a public and a quiet space.

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