28 March 2009

quiet curiosities

hmmm, so no one feels like sharing?
i wonder whats keep us quiet? i wonder if we're tucking some things away these days? i wonder if we are doing it to protect ourselves or because we don't have the time to juggle more? i wonder if we love what we do everyday? i wonder if we're afraid we won't win? i wonder if we have reeled in our lives, so tight, so wound up we find ourselves longing to be let free. its not that we want fish, its just that we want to send our hooks soaring under the surface of the lake to explore uncharted waters. or maybe, some of us feel like we need to come up for air. i wonder if we're doing what it takes?

friday morning came and went.
little notecards are still here.

in truth, i'm ever so slightly sad not to have heard more from you. here's a secret: your readership has taken the place in my heart that friendship has filled for some years. i am not foolish enough to think that i'm your BFF, but i am in love with this space and how it somehow {magically} fills the space between us, how i have totally fallen in love with people via their blogs (see list on the right for blogs that i fancy), and how it allows us to find voice when maybe we couldn't before. so i welcome your voice here, and i hope that you know what a gift your presence is so me. in some tiny, cyber way. what a beautiful sharing this is, for me, and i hope, for you, even though we're on opposite sites of the cyber canal.

(that's venice in february. of 2005. but i remember it like it was last month.)

sending you all notes of admiration and gratitude.
sending you wonder & bright horizons.
sending you the adventure you're hoping for,
the beauty that emerges from deep within,
the dream you've kept quiet,
the joy we share.

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Anonymous said...

(tears streaming). not knowing the addressee... it sank in. it was felt.
xo, ewat