22 April 2009

filled & a long awaited return!

oh. my.
i. have. missed. you!

but i'm back, and so so glad. i've been away, busy with family & festivities. there is seriously not enough time in the day to do it all! but i have been keeping up with my personal & health goals, working full time, trying to infuse my days with inspired action.

wait wait wait
, here's the big Q: how are you? what has been going on in your world? are you craving anything or juggling lots and loving it? springtime is so good to us, it is finally here in kentucky and i swear the bluegrass makes me that much happier. i would love to take a trip to naples, lay on the beach, totally soak up the sun, see the fam, relax. or charleston. or latin america. but since i'm here, i am light infusing this place, these days of youth. one foot in front of the other, striding towards a life that i love more and more.

all this story-telling deserves some pictures. here are some recent cards, made & given to special folks:

below:colin's birthday card {main interest: wine} left: emile's birthday card {main interest: cars}

i have been plugging away at making personal cards, and i think i'm finally ready to start up & running on etsy again. whatever made me stop? burnt out after valentine's day, i guess, and so little action in 2009 that i lost a bit of faith. but it's back, so be checking for new stuff in the shop in a week or so. {i'll keep you posted}

we just got back from a great trip to VA/DC/MD.

we are super blessed to have friends and family in the same area. {in addition to the white house, the smithsonian institution, some good virginia wine and oh, let's not forget: a weekend full of beautiful weather}
paul & i went seeking inspiration & delight.
our bags and our bodies came home filled with both.

well that's all from me for now. i have a friend to call and a bed that is calling my name. hope you are well in your heart, expressing that through every moment of your day. i have SO much more. i will be back. soon. promise! love

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Emile said...

I LOVE my card! You are the best!