12 April 2009

happy easter, peeps!

the sun is out to greet us. first thing this morning, well, after opening my easter box/basket from sandy& gary (pics soon), paul and i listened to marianne williamson's "miracle thought of the day" podcast on Easter. totally relishing in the goodness of her words.

and the thought of possibilites.
believe in the resurrection
even while experiencing the crucifixtion.

i interpret this much differently that the traditional meaning of those words we use only on easter weekend. but i'm holding onto those words for longer this year, believe that what we cannot see now with our eyes exists indeed, and, despite our lack of sight, in believing, we see.

lots of thoughts, so much celebration, even when the easter family extravaganza has sizzled out, the SUVan is packed and headed east, the sunday will be like any sunday, we will believe a bit more in the possibility, in the faith that has brought us this far, and the unveiling that is promised.

happy easter, peeps! love