02 April 2009

a thursday to inspire

wanted to pop in and say...

made a most delicious recipe tonight from 101 cookbooks
can you say oh-my-delicious!
thanks to bink for the discovery of this blog.

getting to sit with the studying paul,
my personal wine educator,
with a glas of sangiovese,
listening to the fat april rain drops fall
writing letters to friends
far far away.

sending love to you.
on a thursday to inspire.


kate said...
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kate said...

i love sangiovese, especially when it is a brunello di montalcino...i miss working in a wine shop ;-/

kate said...

p.s. i started my pastry internship and it makes me appreciate blue dog, do you think they would let me come back for a maybe 2-3 month internship?

Anonymous said...

Love you, Love Paul, Love you together cooking, studying, and connecting with your world at large.