28 April 2009

tu-tu tuesday

tuesdays mean tap dancing and tu-tu's, total body strength training and tomato&garbonzo roasted chicken.

it is a good day.
these are the days of our lives.

just wanted to drop in and show some photos from last night's gourmet cooking in the kitchen with pw. you'll be happy to know i discovered this recipe, and suggested it as an activity we do together. the outcome was very delicious and the activity was very fun and very yummy. please see photos.

above: ingredients: spinach, ap flour, salt, pepper, nutmeg, eggs, yolks, ricotta, parm

above: making 1/2 in thick ropes. {p.s. i should'a been a hand model, no?}

above: finished product, ready to boil and enjoy!
p.s we enjoyed it with the shrimp & sundried kalamatas!

{btw: i know we're no professional food photographers, but if anyone is, i would LOVE your input on how to take better photos. always fun to learn}

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Emile said...

I'm just sad I didn't get invited over for this delicious looking feast! Yum.