31 May 2009

today's menu

happy sunday! such a day for collecting the bits & pieces, threading them together and creating the tapestry for the week ahead. also on sunday: soaking yourself in the spirit, filling up with inspiration, connecting with far away friends & making strides towards a full, active, healthy week.

so, what on the menu for today?
here's a look.
I will be back later with more! happy sunday

28 May 2009

Push-ups & Floss

{hi! me again, back with another video! (am i crazy?)
hows it the week treating you so far?}

i'm busy hoping for so much and sending all my positive prayers upward,
living in the midst all that, too!
paul made a delicious dinner
of lemony risotto with shrimp & asparagus tonight, and we toasted a glass of

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc to the sky, grateful for all the blessings &
opportunities that we have, everyday...
grateful today for: wellness,
inspired action, companionship, what lies ahead...
our lives, so far from perfect
but oh so good! here's to you, too. live from your place of inspiration.


27 May 2009

clever, very clever

the heart piercing cards girl in me just had to come up with something clever to distribute at the wine tasting tomorrow night. so, with 20 minutes, distressed ink, a sharpie and an image of {old french dictionary} a bunch of grapes, viola! also, we created a go to site that makes voting for our video just a tad bit easier:

now send that to your mother's best friend's daughters.
{and tell them to tell all their friends! :) please}

off to a busy start around here this week {is tomorrow thursday for real?}
i have big news to unveil soon. be back soon with goodness & more!
happy voting!

25 May 2009

our passion for food & wine, part two.

remember how when we started this conversation i said: "i promise i will share more"? well here i go folks. and this weekend has been a whirlwind of food, beverage, celebration & gastronomical delights!

friday night pw did the prep work for our saturday night menu. my mom hosted the two of us & my sweet friend sarah. paul did all the work to create a menu that boasted tuscan roots & new world spins on old flavors. his first endeavor was this beverage: a vodka rosemary lemonade fizz.

the prep work meant juicing >10 lemons.
then boiling organic cane sugar, rosemary sprigs {de la jardin} & lemon juice to create a syrup.
the room was filled with a sweet fragrance, to say the least.we manually crush the ice, filled our 4 cups & let the spirits flow!

voilá! the finished product was as fragrant as the syrup promised. it was refined but familiar & so refreshing after a hot, sunny, spring-is-turning-into-summer day!

so delighted we were! the evening's theme was "cucina paradiso"---a feature paul found in this month's gourmet magazine. i help him in the kitchen, but i am truly the entertainer. he is the engine in the kitchen. and delightful to watch, but that's a story for another day. we fired up the grill, opened the wine--las jamelles cinsault rosé & sent the tuscan bean ragú into the oven. all of this while catching up with friends & family alike. a snapshot:
1. tuscan bean & summery tomato ragú 2. fish platter (we opted for the pork stuffed calamari, grilled squid & salmon) 3. rosé, 4. balsamic grilled radicchio salad {with ricotta & basil---in my opinion the best part of the meal!}

it was magic, delicious, fresh, & just right for the season {spring-is-turning-into-summer}. we experienced the abundance of the land, the tender blossoming of my mother's "bowl of cream" peonies that decorated the table, & the sweet spirit that rises from good company & a menu to please.

*so there you have it, inspired action, tailored to the person that i am.
this & this & this is me.
i am poolside & at the drawing board,
i am over the stove & on the track,
on the farm with family & writing letters to friends in paris.
i hope you enjoy these in-detail peeks. there will be more.
in the near future, there will be some very paper-centric posts,
because i have my first craft fair on 4th of july!!! more on that later*

21 May 2009

our passion for food & wine, part one.

kitchen rule #1. farmer's market carrots must be cleaned before they are eaten.

we're grilling out tonight, running our timed miles (a weekly activity) and doing the prep work for a small saturday night dinner we're hosting out at the homestead.

things are coming along, though! our video is finally up over at the murphy-goode website: come have a look!
we are super excited to be putting it out there for the world. we're hopeful & heart forward. we're searching through our oodles of photos & trying to figure out how to tell our story, our passion for food & wine, through social networking.

so have a look, and if you believe alongside us that we're a great pair for a really goode job, please put in your vote for us as your favorites! then, by all means, share the link with your friends & family. we appreciate your support so very much.

and beyond your support for our endeavors with Murphy-Goode, we appreciate your small graces along the way. the time and space you've given us to grow into the individuals that we've become. we are fairly certain that though quirky & bewildering, there are certain gifts that we must remain true to, through every season of life. love and appreciation for the fruits of the earth (in their many forms) is one of the center focuses of our lives.

we're kicking ourselves for not having (better) chronicled the joy we have for food & bev. we met in a wine shop & our first conversation was struck up while there was a 375mL of Gruet in the chiller, and we've been talking ever since about the perfect way to share our love of these gastronomical delights with others. of course, we prepare meals for our families & friends, plan weeknight dinners to impress and explore wine avenues that lead us to much adventure, but we're wishing we'd done a better job of sharing this with you all, all along.

so, for our intentions with Murphy-Goode and for the delight of all, our focus has certainly shifted. we're setting off to do a great job of sharing, from this day forward, the gastronomy delights that we encounter. i'm sure i'll still talk about art & paper & events that ignite my soul, but i'll be less hesitant to snap a shot of our thursday night dinner. it is my joy, our joy, and we're excited to have you share in it with us!

you can find paul over here: oeno pile (blog), twitter, flikr & facebook.
you can find me heart piercing cards and flikr and twitter and facebook! (and you're already heart piercing life (blog)).

but for now,
we'll be in the kitchen.

19 May 2009

more heart.

more heart.

more heart.

more heart.
more heart.
more heart.
more heart.
more heart.
more heart.

when will the day come when we live everyday with more heart?
everyday i think, 'its time'
everyday passes
i think:
more heart.

encouraging you to live from that place.
a little bit more today.
more heart.
{and perhaps someday the heart will have wings}

18 May 2009

business appreciation & a basket on my bike!

do you remember the business appreciation days?
they were so successful in communicating my gratitude to local business owners, i'm not exactly sure why they got pushed to the back burner. alas, they were good, so i am lighting the fire once again. this week's business appreciation goes out to:
St. Matthew's Cyclery

So here's the story: I was having a crappy day. Paul suggested that we jump on our bikes and ride up to the local bike shop to purchase the bike basket rack i'd been thinking about. we had time, it was a beautiful day, and i've been known to drop my blues by jumping on my blue bike. our trip was a success. rack purchase in hand, we left the nicely organized shop excited to install it. i suggested we work on it out front of the shop because i am me (read: crazy). paul was embarrassed by obliged me, he knows when to say when {if ya know what i mean, ladies}. anyhow, so we're sitting there, on the sidewalk, with nuts and screws galore, and i remember saying: "i think it'd have been easier to learn russian." we weren't going anywhere fast, and thankfully, it was time for Chuck Davis, owner of the shop (so their website tells me) to take out the evening trash.

as he walked past us, i think he said something like, "you probably need a longer screw." and i thought, "a brain might help..." when he returned he said, "i'd be happy to help you all, why don't you bring that inside. i can have it done in no time." whew, thank you chuck because i don't think this rack would've EVER made it onto the back of my baby blue schwinn without your sweet offer. he proceeded to install it in T-10 minutes, swiftly like he'd done this three thousand times before. he confirmed that fact, and had us on our way in a flash. such customer service doesn't happen everyday people, and my gratitude rises to the surface and wants to shout such occurrences when i encounter them. so i felt it was fit to create a card to thank chuck, and what better than an old bike (notice the rack on the back wheel!) to commemorate his kindness? next time you're in st. matthews, swing by the cyclery. you will leave pleased as a peach!!! and perhaps, if you're lucky like me, with a new bike basket rack-upon which you may choose to mount a basket as cute as mine.

one more thing: my spirit transforms when i mount my bike. it's totally french & fabulous {in my mind} and instantly i perk up, like a sunflower rising to greet the bright sun. please leave me a comment about what transforms you. it can be oh-so-simple or a perfect scenario, i would love to hear.

17 May 2009

we feed folks

i cannot think of anything better than a beautiful sunny day & a family gathered around the table to share a meal together. i have salivating dreams of a creating meals with pw that are authentic & memorable. we can think of no better people to do so for than our mothers.

so we threw a mother's day brunch for the louisville mother's this year, which included his mom, my mom, my grandmother, my sister-in-law (who is a mother-to-be), and my brother.

the menu:
peach-lavender Bellini's
frissee, Stan's bacon, Ivor's radishes & poached egg salad
polenta bar (topped with: bacon, beet stems, feta, sauteed spinach, roasted garlic, sun-dried kalamatas, over-roasted tomatoes)
canteloupe with basil & honey
fresh berries: cherries & blackberries
ginger infused yogurt tart

all of this, paired nicely with place-cards & our family (though there were missing mother's and missing faces), made for a beautiful brunch. when you channel your passion into an action that honors the people in your life, you will find an abundance of pleasure. not just pleasure of the palette, or pleasure in the actions of serving others, though admittedly those are pleasures to seek out, but pleasure that carves its way deep into your soul, flowing through your bloodstream & settling into a deep reserve. one that you dip into on gray days, or remember so fondly years down the road.

on a lighter note: since the brunch was a success, there were many times throughout the day that pw & i turned towards one another and lifted our right arms, palms spread way open and slapped hands for a heartfelt high-five. pleasure, indeed!

16 May 2009

The Seed Within

In an effort to be faithful to a blossoming seed, i did an outlandish thing: a video blog post!
{i would love to hear your feedback folks! much love}

09 May 2009

open to find, commit to live

wow, i love a saturday. i just can't think of a better way to spend life:
  1. up early, coffee, a few select individuals around who make life very worth waking up to!
  2. farmers market. running into a few more select individuals who are very worth running into. finding goods grown/produced/made locally that are good for our bodies, pocketbooks, and earth. enjoying coffee & strolling around with pw. buying myself the last pink peony, because this week, i need it to inspire me. driving through the park. past big rock. {its curves reminded me today of this journey-life-is absolutely worth exploring. you never know what's around the next corner}
  3. shopping for our mother's day brunch (see invite detail on right)
  4. mother's day card making/finishing. i will scan them ASAP & show & tell!
  5. ordered a new book today, thanks to miss inspiration herself, KRR, who reminded me that i have a piece of the artist's work (from Hallie, my dear friend) that she is chatting about over here in her most recent blog post. this artist has also written a book, that apparently is just what i'm looking for. pw ordered it for me & i am thrilled! excited! looking forward to its arrival.
  6. finally. finally. i got back to hot yoga and was so pleased with the hot fusion class. our instructor finished with a meditation session post class (in which i was meditating in a pool of my own sweat, full effect meditation) and i left with a new mantra: open to find, commit to live. i could write for weeks about that...and will, probably, but not now. now i'm off to shop & hang with pw's madre.
  7. then we're going to el mundo. margaritas in moderation, margaritas in moderation. fish tacos, too! xoxoxo

04 May 2009

antiqued smile

some soul-searching over the weekend led me to crack out the paints and make a copy of this beautiful photo of my grandmother. oh, talk about a woman whose smile tells a thousand stories. i encountered something really special as i dug in the soil of my soul, painting my way to beauty, wonder, appreciation & contentment.

so if you need to, dig a bit. get some dirt under those finger nails of yours and turn the soil of your soul. there are stories in this world that will never be heard fully if we don't take the time to listen well. much love.

02 May 2009

hopeful, unraveling

i am in a hopeful, unraveling place.
i am reminded of people & times that inspire me.
i am pampered & relax,
rejuvenated & ready for new discoveries.

i have been collecting quotes this week,
they are strings of words that compose ideas of hope for me when i have none.
here i have paired affirmations with images that depict something i believe in.

{i believe in natural beauty.}

hope: belief in a possibility that is not currently manifest.
{marianne williamson}

{i believe in love. true love.}
"so with the sunrise, may it bring hope where it was once forgotten." iron & wine

{i believe in perseverance.}

Sometimes when you’re in a spot where there’s nothing to do but wait,
the very best thing you can do is move.

{jen lemen}

{i believe in the call.}
" its easy to stay, but if you follow the voice, it will lead you the way..." jose gonzalez

{i believe in living in the light.}
"No one has to wait for a sudden burst of intelligence, a bolt of lightning, or a mystical experience. ...With what you have and where you are, you can begin the process of finding productive, meaningful, and profitable work."
{Dan Miller}
{i believe that what is challenging me now will be a catalyst for change in my life. i believe that the fog on the horizon will lift, and that i will see with clarity a beautiful landscape. i believe that family & friends are pillars of strength when i have none. i believe in the strength of my body, the beauty of my soul, the playfulness of my spirit. i believe in what i cannot hold onto, i believe. hope is mine. i hold onto hope.}