18 May 2009

business appreciation & a basket on my bike!

do you remember the business appreciation days?
they were so successful in communicating my gratitude to local business owners, i'm not exactly sure why they got pushed to the back burner. alas, they were good, so i am lighting the fire once again. this week's business appreciation goes out to:
St. Matthew's Cyclery

So here's the story: I was having a crappy day. Paul suggested that we jump on our bikes and ride up to the local bike shop to purchase the bike basket rack i'd been thinking about. we had time, it was a beautiful day, and i've been known to drop my blues by jumping on my blue bike. our trip was a success. rack purchase in hand, we left the nicely organized shop excited to install it. i suggested we work on it out front of the shop because i am me (read: crazy). paul was embarrassed by obliged me, he knows when to say when {if ya know what i mean, ladies}. anyhow, so we're sitting there, on the sidewalk, with nuts and screws galore, and i remember saying: "i think it'd have been easier to learn russian." we weren't going anywhere fast, and thankfully, it was time for Chuck Davis, owner of the shop (so their website tells me) to take out the evening trash.

as he walked past us, i think he said something like, "you probably need a longer screw." and i thought, "a brain might help..." when he returned he said, "i'd be happy to help you all, why don't you bring that inside. i can have it done in no time." whew, thank you chuck because i don't think this rack would've EVER made it onto the back of my baby blue schwinn without your sweet offer. he proceeded to install it in T-10 minutes, swiftly like he'd done this three thousand times before. he confirmed that fact, and had us on our way in a flash. such customer service doesn't happen everyday people, and my gratitude rises to the surface and wants to shout such occurrences when i encounter them. so i felt it was fit to create a card to thank chuck, and what better than an old bike (notice the rack on the back wheel!) to commemorate his kindness? next time you're in st. matthews, swing by the cyclery. you will leave pleased as a peach!!! and perhaps, if you're lucky like me, with a new bike basket rack-upon which you may choose to mount a basket as cute as mine.

one more thing: my spirit transforms when i mount my bike. it's totally french & fabulous {in my mind} and instantly i perk up, like a sunflower rising to greet the bright sun. please leave me a comment about what transforms you. it can be oh-so-simple or a perfect scenario, i would love to hear.


erin said...

lookin good!

Paul Weldy, CSW said...

the thought of getting out in the sunshine! a picnic, some tennis, or basketball...yes please!

erin said...

in response to the last paragraph: a good concert (really that you think about days, or years later), early morning or evening walk on the beach, exploring foreign cities, or a run/bike ride around Town Lake in Austin :)