02 May 2009

hopeful, unraveling

i am in a hopeful, unraveling place.
i am reminded of people & times that inspire me.
i am pampered & relax,
rejuvenated & ready for new discoveries.

i have been collecting quotes this week,
they are strings of words that compose ideas of hope for me when i have none.
here i have paired affirmations with images that depict something i believe in.

{i believe in natural beauty.}

hope: belief in a possibility that is not currently manifest.
{marianne williamson}

{i believe in love. true love.}
"so with the sunrise, may it bring hope where it was once forgotten." iron & wine

{i believe in perseverance.}

Sometimes when you’re in a spot where there’s nothing to do but wait,
the very best thing you can do is move.

{jen lemen}

{i believe in the call.}
" its easy to stay, but if you follow the voice, it will lead you the way..." jose gonzalez

{i believe in living in the light.}
"No one has to wait for a sudden burst of intelligence, a bolt of lightning, or a mystical experience. ...With what you have and where you are, you can begin the process of finding productive, meaningful, and profitable work."
{Dan Miller}
{i believe that what is challenging me now will be a catalyst for change in my life. i believe that the fog on the horizon will lift, and that i will see with clarity a beautiful landscape. i believe that family & friends are pillars of strength when i have none. i believe in the strength of my body, the beauty of my soul, the playfulness of my spirit. i believe in what i cannot hold onto, i believe. hope is mine. i hold onto hope.}

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