09 May 2009

open to find, commit to live

wow, i love a saturday. i just can't think of a better way to spend life:
  1. up early, coffee, a few select individuals around who make life very worth waking up to!
  2. farmers market. running into a few more select individuals who are very worth running into. finding goods grown/produced/made locally that are good for our bodies, pocketbooks, and earth. enjoying coffee & strolling around with pw. buying myself the last pink peony, because this week, i need it to inspire me. driving through the park. past big rock. {its curves reminded me today of this journey-life-is absolutely worth exploring. you never know what's around the next corner}
  3. shopping for our mother's day brunch (see invite detail on right)
  4. mother's day card making/finishing. i will scan them ASAP & show & tell!
  5. ordered a new book today, thanks to miss inspiration herself, KRR, who reminded me that i have a piece of the artist's work (from Hallie, my dear friend) that she is chatting about over here in her most recent blog post. this artist has also written a book, that apparently is just what i'm looking for. pw ordered it for me & i am thrilled! excited! looking forward to its arrival.
  6. finally. finally. i got back to hot yoga and was so pleased with the hot fusion class. our instructor finished with a meditation session post class (in which i was meditating in a pool of my own sweat, full effect meditation) and i left with a new mantra: open to find, commit to live. i could write for weeks about that...and will, probably, but not now. now i'm off to shop & hang with pw's madre.
  7. then we're going to el mundo. margaritas in moderation, margaritas in moderation. fish tacos, too! xoxoxo

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