21 May 2009

our passion for food & wine, part one.

kitchen rule #1. farmer's market carrots must be cleaned before they are eaten.

we're grilling out tonight, running our timed miles (a weekly activity) and doing the prep work for a small saturday night dinner we're hosting out at the homestead.

things are coming along, though! our video is finally up over at the murphy-goode website: come have a look!
we are super excited to be putting it out there for the world. we're hopeful & heart forward. we're searching through our oodles of photos & trying to figure out how to tell our story, our passion for food & wine, through social networking.

so have a look, and if you believe alongside us that we're a great pair for a really goode job, please put in your vote for us as your favorites! then, by all means, share the link with your friends & family. we appreciate your support so very much.

and beyond your support for our endeavors with Murphy-Goode, we appreciate your small graces along the way. the time and space you've given us to grow into the individuals that we've become. we are fairly certain that though quirky & bewildering, there are certain gifts that we must remain true to, through every season of life. love and appreciation for the fruits of the earth (in their many forms) is one of the center focuses of our lives.

we're kicking ourselves for not having (better) chronicled the joy we have for food & bev. we met in a wine shop & our first conversation was struck up while there was a 375mL of Gruet in the chiller, and we've been talking ever since about the perfect way to share our love of these gastronomical delights with others. of course, we prepare meals for our families & friends, plan weeknight dinners to impress and explore wine avenues that lead us to much adventure, but we're wishing we'd done a better job of sharing this with you all, all along.

so, for our intentions with Murphy-Goode and for the delight of all, our focus has certainly shifted. we're setting off to do a great job of sharing, from this day forward, the gastronomy delights that we encounter. i'm sure i'll still talk about art & paper & events that ignite my soul, but i'll be less hesitant to snap a shot of our thursday night dinner. it is my joy, our joy, and we're excited to have you share in it with us!

you can find paul over here: oeno pile (blog), twitter, flikr & facebook.
you can find me heart piercing cards and flikr and twitter and facebook! (and you're already heart piercing life (blog)).

but for now,
we'll be in the kitchen.

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kate said...

well you can make france your passion for food and wine part two! we love to eat and drink here in france, well at least i know that i love to EAT and DRINK here. miss you st├ęphanie!
gros bisous de la france!!